THe Mammouth Spirit

Le Mammouth Spirit I created this sculpture/fountain especially for the corporate headquarters of Soprema, located along the TransCanada Highway (route 20) in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada.

The sculpture is made up of three separate bronze elements which fit together in a complex arrangement, united around a fourth element: a sphere, the cornerstone of the sculpture and spirit of Soprema.

The ensemble represents a mammoth, the company's symbol. The sculpture is installed in a specially-designed landscaping area. I wanted it to be accessible to any visitor who wanted to walk around it, go under it to see how it's all put together, touch it, feel its shape, its textures...

The Mammouth Spirit IV, 2010-2011: Bronze, 4 elements, 15 x 21 x 13 feet (4.5 x 6.5 x 4 metres). The biggest bronze sculpture in Canada. Forged at the Fonderie d'art at Inverness.

The Mammouth Spirit, an iconic sculpture for the company Soprema

Created by Vincent Champion-Ercoli in 2010-2011, this sculpture/fountain was conceived from the start as an object that would connect various elements.  It was designed for this particular place, taking into account the building, the traffic and the surrounding spaces.  The directors of Soprema wanted it to be visible from afar, while the sculptor wanted it to rest directly on the ground, "imposing, yet still accessible", inviting visitors to pass through it, to touch it, to smell it... in order to better understand it...

Three bronze elements which, in a complex arrangement, are assembled around a fourth, spherical... the cornerstone of a synergy that exudes strength and vitality.

The reflection of Soprema, a company that has built itself collectively for more than a century and whose spirit of innovation is at the core of its success.  It is, moreover, the company's values – respect, integrity and concern for the environment – that motivated the artist to create this sculpture to be a worldwide reference, a reflection of Soprema in its field of endeavour.

Félicie Louf, 2010-2011

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